Yale students and alumni advocate for policy reforms related to exit and reinstatement

NEW HAVEN – With newly acquired nonprofit status a group of Yale University students and alumni remains committed to reforming university policies related to mental health, withdrawal and reinstatement.

The Post’s report describes how a student who tried to kill herself after being raped was pressured into withdrawing from the university and undergoing a “lengthy, nerve-wracking” process in order to be reinstated.

Also described other students inadequate care in the psychiatric services of the university and how they learned to hide their mental health issues and suicidal thoughts for fear of triggering the withdrawal policy, according to the report.

“For six decades, the kind of issues that are affecting students today are nothing new,” said Rishi Mirchandani, a 2019 Yale graduate who went through the withdrawal and reinstatement process while struggling with his own mental health crisis and described the process as “much more difficult than necessary”.

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