Why the Dallas Cowboys need to sign Odell Beckham Jr. now

That Dallas Cowboys, from their owner down, have spent more time talking about Odell Beckham Jr. in the last two weeks than any of their own players. They haven’t signed him yet, which makes two things pretty clear:

Beckham is not healthy enough to play yet.

And Beckham likes to be wooed.

Cowboys pitch at OBJ

Cowboys pitch at OBJ

Nick Wright, Chris Broussard and Kevin Wildes discuss the possibility of Dallas free agent WR signing Odell Beckham Jr.

You sure have the second part below. They’ve thrown enough compliments at the injured 30-year-old recipient to theoretically satisfy his ego. But it’s time to shut up the chatter and put your money where your mouth is. It’s about time they sign Odell Beckham or shut up.

The Cowboys, perhaps more than any true Super Bowl contender, could use a stretch run receiver like Beckham. Maybe it’s a risk. Maybe he’s only available for the last month of the season and the playoffs.

But it’s worth it for that alone. It certainly couldn’t hurt them. And yes, you know they want it. You’ve said it over and over again.

“[Beckham]is someone we have all the credit in the world for for who he is as a competitor,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas last week. “I know the Cowboys star could look pretty good on that helmet if he puts it on.”

“We know what kind of player Odell is,” he throws back Ezekiel Elliott added. “We know how explosive he can be and what he could bring to this offense. It would be great to get him here in Dallas. We want OBJ.”

“I’ve always been a big fan of his,” said Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy. “We all think he would be a great fit here,”

“S—t, we could use him,” Linebacker Micah Parsons added. “He’s a guy you want on your team.”

Rumors of Odell Beckham Jr. post-Dallas are swirling

Rumors of Odell Beckham Jr. post-Dallas are swirling

Micah Parsons was reacting to the prospect of Odell Beckham Jr. signing with Cowboys.

you have the idea They are in love. And they sure want Beckham to know.

The reasons for the love affair are also obvious. Obviously Jones is a showman and Beckham has always been one hell of a show. More importantly, the Cowboys are desperate for a second receiver to take some pressure off CeeDee lamb. A Robin to his Batman could really make the difference for their potentially explosive offense. In the relatively wide-open NFC, there’s no problem that a top receiver could take them over the top and put them on track for their first Super Bowl in 27 years.

Is it a risk to lean on a 30-year-old who’s only nine months away from his second cruciate ligament rupture in 16 months? Absolutely. But Beckham is totally worth the risk. The last time he tore his ACL, he came back from 11 months of rehab and had 44 catches for 537 yards and five touchdowns in 14 games split between them Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams. And he was great for the Rams in the playoffs, catching nine passes for 113 yards in the NFC Championship Game and having two catches for 52 yards and a touchdown in the Super Bowl before tearing the ACL again.

It’s that playoff production (21-288-2 in 2 ½ games) that the Cowboys (6-3) should be focused on. You can get there without him. But they might need him if they want their postseason to last long.

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All of that only if Beckham can play, of course. According to various league sources, there are some doubts about that. It’s been rumored across Beckham’s camp that he’ll be ready to play in December, but some in the NFL remain skeptical — and that’s almost certainly why he hasn’t been signed yet.

But if the cowboys are as interested as they always say they are – and they say they are really, really interested – then why wait? Bring him in for a check up, make him an offer and get it done. The longer they wait, the more options Beckham has to explore.

Either through his friends, his representatives, or during unannounced visits to team facilities, he had an open flirtation with the buffalo bills, Green Bay packers, Kansas City chiefsand even his original team, the New York Giants. All of them seem to have shown some level of interest, although most of the time they haven’t been caught publicly drooling over him like his new best friends in Dallas.

OBJ fits in Dallas

OBJ fits in Dallas

Greg Jennings tells Craig Carton if he thinks OBJ would be a good fit for the Cowboys.

Of course, Beckham has also made it clear – again through friends, reps and others – that he wants a multi-year deal. That’s a big demand for a player of his age and with his injury history. But he’s a master at not only creating a market for himself, but eventually getting what he wants. He could get that here, although most teams, which keep calling his people nameless, don’t have much room for the salary cap.

Neither did the cowboys. But they have the motivation to find it and make everything fit.

so do it Just do it. Stop talking and offer him a deal. The worst thing at this point would be that Jones and company would keep talking until Beckham signs with the Packers, Bills or Chiefs. So he cashes some checks while doing rehab at the team facility. At least he would then be in the team facility and would learn the offensive games. And they wouldn’t risk upsetting their fans only to get caught sleeping before they see their lack of a No. 2 receiver cost them in the playoffs.

Maybe Beckham won’t make it back. Maybe he won’t be the same player. But it’s still worth trying because the Cowboys didn’t make a move for a receiver at the close of trade. Now they have no options. At this point, the cap on any available player they could find is well below Beckham’s bottom.

And again they know.

“Having a guy like Odell Beckham — when he’s recovered from his knee, which sounds like he has — is a great way to make your team better,” Cowboys VP Stephen Jones told SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“That’s my boy. I’m definitely an Odell fan,” Lamb added. “I have a feeling why don’t you want to add more firepower to this offense?”

Good question. Now it’s time for the cowboys to answer.

Ralph Vacchiano is the NFC East reporter for FOX Sports, covering the Washington Commanders, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. He has spent the last six years covering the Giants and Jets for SNY TV in New York, and before that 16 years covering the Giants and NFL for the New York Daily News. Follow him on Twitter @Ralph Vacchiano.

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