The expansion of the World Series offers opportunities for players and volunteers around the world

Opportunity means everything in little league® program and thanks to the extension of the Little League Baseball and Softball World Series which began in 2022, six more local leagues are now getting the chance to realize the dream that thousands of leagues strive for every summer and play on youth sport’s biggest stage.

With this expansion up to 84 more Little Leaguers®along with their coaches, families and communities, can now experience the magic of the Little League World Series each year while inspiring the next generation of baseball and softball players to follow in their footsteps.

To see firsthand how this opportunity came to life and what it means for the future, watch each of the video features below, which detail the impact the World Series expansion will have on the various areas of the program, from the regional level to the overall World Series experience at both Williamsport and Greenville.

East and West Region Tournaments

“Every kid who steps onto a Little League field by the age of four dreams of playing in a World Series, and now we’re giving more kids the opportunity to fulfill that dream,” said Nina Johnson-Pitt, Little League Senior Strategy Executive. “We really hope that this expansion will lead to local growth and give us the opportunity to expand baseball and softball in areas that have not previously participated in our program.”

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International impact

“One of the things I love about our program internationally is that it’s really a commitment to growing the program,” said Dan Velte, Little League’s senior operations executive. “Direct participation in Expansion and World Series is based on team numbers, and the ultimate goal is to get as many kids as possible to play in the program, so we’re rewarding that to the countries that are really committed to having more.” Children play and grow game.”

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Little League Softball® world series

“Softball is a great sport here in Little League, and for this special event, it’s exciting to be able to add two more teams,” said Ashlea Nash-Miller, Little League Director of Softball Development. “That means more exposure and access to the game, and ultimately that’s our goal. If you’re a little girl and you want to play softball and you see it on TV, that’s your goal… that’s your dream.”

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Little League Baseball® world series

“Children notice. They notice that more teams are coming to Williamsport and that they have a greater chance of making it, so they dream of making it and we give them the opportunity,” said Mr. Velte. “What we look forward to going forward is this opportunity, this program and this World Series to continue to grow. It will be a great opportunity for us to really make the program stand out and bring opportunities to children around the world.”

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A look into the future

“As we transform our organization, the expansion gives us a platform to really get our message out there,” said Pat Wilson, Little League’s chief operating officer. “The ambition component of wanting to reach and compete in the Little League Baseball and Softball World Series is going to give kids the dreams and goals to work toward, and that’s what it’s all about.”

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To learn more about the expansion decision and maps showing the new regional structures for the Little League Baseball and Little League Softball World Series, read the FAQs provided below.

Frequently asked questions about the extension

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