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We believe in staying fit…or at least trying to. Even small, regular workouts can do so much for overall health, healthy aging, and a mood-enhancing effect. Of course, exercise also counteracts the effects holiday cookies splurge The work-out-at-home trend continues and there’s no excuse not to work out when the gym is At home. Plus, home fitness equipment is more advanced than ever, compact and affordable. Here are some amazing deals to pick up right now, just in time for a post-workout eggnog or cake.

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I have long desired MaxTrainer; This ineffective workout can be as hard or as easy as your fitness level dictates. A professional machine, the movement is a cross between a stair trainer and an elliptical, but with better muscle activation than either and 16 resistance levels. That MaxTrainer M6 is also high tech, with a heart rate monitor, USB charging port and other nice features. That being said, the big selling point is this one compact design, that is much smaller than a treadmill. These fit into tight spaces that other machines cannot accommodate. Get $400 Off Regular Prices And Free Shipping Now. At this price I can even opt for the home assembly help to make setup quick and easy. They also have accessories such as variable kettle bells and studio cycles on offer. Now where are those holiday cookies? Sale ends November 29th.

Bowflex Max Trainer M6

Down from $1500

Horizon Fitness, 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle

We are fans of Horizon Fitness Products, which also have a slightly lower price than the competition. This Bluetooth-compatible studio wheel is just 47 inches long and weighs 85 pounds, making it another great contender for smaller-footprint picks. Other attractive features include no subscription required (although optional if you prefer) and a quiet magnetic flywheel. They also have deals on accessories like dumbbells; just use code BF30 to get the discount. horizon fitness, 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle is a Peloton-class compatible studio bike for only $599. Offer ends November 29th.

Horizon Fitness, 5.0 IC Indoor Cycle

Down from $1000

I’ve already covered why me love the DB method, but the brand rarely offers special offers, so we mark this great offer for Black Friday; 30% off the entire site including the core product, squat machine and accessories. Consider a bundle as the accessories are awesome to use. This is one of the most challenging non-lower body workouts that turns squats into cardio. Unlike freestanding squats, the machine protects your knees and hips from injury. The brand also offers a ton of free workout videos on YouTube. Now $230, regular $329

The DB method

30% off site-wide

The futuristic mirror by Lululemon brings every type of gym into your home. Otherwise an unassuming device, the mirror is popular for the ability to stream yoga, cardio, boxing, or any type of class your heart desires right into your home. It also has a camera so you can get real-time feedback from personal trainers or join a class with friends. It’s the next best thing until we have hologram personal trainers. Membership is required for Mirror, but that also includes discounts on in-person classes should you venture into a studio. The least expensive model normally costs $1495, but during the brand’s big sale it’s only $795, almost half the price. There are three additional packages This includes accessories like a mat, foam roller, yoga block, etc. You can try it out in your own home for 30 days, and Mirror offers free returns – so this big purchase is risk-free.

Lululemon mirror

Regular $1495

A treadmill is one of the best low-impact, high-result cardio machines you can use. If you don’t want to jog or run, the slow build-up of walking on a high incline is one of the most deceptively challenging workouts you can do. Nautilus, a respected brand in the fitness industry, has the T618 treadmill With a $600 discount and free shipping, this treadmill is currently only $899. The speed limit is up to 12 miles/hour and the gradient is up to 15%. Whether you’re new to the gym or ready to run, this is a great all-purpose piece of equipment. The built in fan does it for me. This sale is ending soon, but Nautilus is sure to extend more discounts through Black Friday.

Nautilus T618 treadmill

Down from $1500

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