Ndamukong Suh explains why he signed with the Eagles

The Eagles brought in veteran DT Ndamukong Suh just days after signing another veteran DT, Linval Joseph. Speaking to reporters from his new locker on Friday, Suh explained the many reasons that drew him to Philadelphia and also spoke about how he will fit into the defense system and how he will stay in shape.

Here’s what the new Eagles defenseman had to say:

When I signed with Philly

Suh credited good communication and his relationships, as with Ted Rath. He noted that he was in Detroit, Miami and Los Angeles with Rath.

“I’ve always wanted to play for a great city like Philadelphia.”

The DT conceded that it was always up in the air whether he would come back and even play in 2022. He and his wife and family decided to take things day by day. Suh said he’s had the opportunity to spend a lot of extra time with his kids, but when the opportunity to play for the Eagles presented itself, he jumped at it.

“I think it really came down to relationships, honestly. I’ve spoken to a few other teams over the weeks, but again, Ted [Rath]Howi [Roseman]Property, in general I felt very comfortable here on this occasion.”

He also spoke about former and now current teammate Darius Slay and how the cornerback tried to bring Suh to Philly last year. Suh said that he and Slay stayed in touch after their time together in Detroit.

Suh pointed to championships and the possibility of fighting for one as what keeps him going after all these years in the NFL.

“This team has done a great job so far and I feel like I can come and help, but first I need to acclimate and then move on.”

He later said that the Eagles’ playoff potential was “without question” a reason he decided to sign with the team.

Suh explained that there is a lot of excitement surrounding the team, which is 8-1, and he will just work on acclimatizing so he can add value. Adding value is something he has been proud of throughout his career and being a team first guy.

“It’s a special place, I have to say, and like I said, I’m enjoying this city. I have family friends who trained for them 76er, and was in and around this town. It is an ultimate sports city and I am happy to be here and to be a part of it.”

On his role in the DL

Suh said it’s up to the coaches whether he will play the Colts on Sunday, having just come into town on Thursday night. He plans to do his best to be ready.

Suh mentioned that Fletcher Cox also reached out after he was signed and the two have respected each other throughout their careers.

“Obviously, I’m not here to take anyone’s position. I’m here to support and be a supportive performer on all levels.”

He’s been asked if he’s played in a scheme like the Eagles defense, and Suh quipped that he’s played in every scheme out there. It won’t be so much the technical stuff he’ll have to work on, but rather learning the terminology.

Suh admitted he’s not quite sure where he fits in defense just yet, he’s still trying to figure out where the coaches want him, but he’s ready with open arms for whatever they want.

“I have absolutely no problem playing a role.”

He went on to say that he’s always played a role in his career, whether it’s being a “star” or a leader, or even being the guy who helps develop younger players. Suh said playing along the defensive line is about being a collective group playing at an elite level.

To stay in shape

Suh credits his team at NIKE and the physiotherapists with keeping them in shape, which he says is very important to him. He acknowledged there’s a difference between being in shape – who he is – and being in football shape, explaining that there’s only one way to get in football shape and that’s to play football.

“You can prepare and be ready to get into football shape instead of having to go through multiple stages of game preparation.”

It was later pointed out that there are only three guys left from the 2010 draft class, Suh, Linval Joseph and Brandon Graham, who are all on the same team now. He didn’t find it strange, maybe a little luckier, noticing that guys who are just a little bit differently built know how to manage themselves and take care of their bodies and come prepared each year.

With a big smile, Suh spoke about never missing a game in his career and stressed that he was very proud of it. He trains very hard and has a great team that helps him make plans to keep him healthy.

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