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Mental health was often an issue discussed after the fact. A musician takes a creative approach to the issue with the release of his new short film and album. My interview with musician Dylan Owen below.

Roderick Thomas: Nice to talk to you, how are you?

Dylan Owen: Well done, thanks!

RT: Where do you come from?

Dylan Owen: I’m from Orange County, New York. I lived up there in a few different cities and that’s where the music started for me.

RT: Are you more of a filmmaker or a musician?

Dylan Owen: Definitely more filmmakers. It’s different for me. I’ve never done anything like this before

RT: What got you into music?

Dylan Owen: Watching my older brother play in punk bands inspired me to music. I would always see him play in various places.

RT: You made a short film for your song “How to find yourself”.

Dylan Owen: Everything comes easy, I’m a super visual person. I drew a lot growing up, I was also a huge X-Men fan. When I make music, I see everything

RT: Did you have a moment where you felt like you made it?

Dylan Owen: When I was in high school the town was so small that if I had a full cafe or bar I felt like I could have made it. It’s funny looking back because they were really small venues, but they were formative for me.

RT: Why did you move to NYC?

Dylan Owen: I think it was more for my personal growth than anything else. I don’t see NYC as really helpful in terms of the industry. I felt stagnant in my small town. I want to expand

RT: Tell me about your upcoming EP

Dylan Owen: My latest project is called Speak, take care of yourselfand the lead song is called “How to find yourself”

RT: What were some inspirations for this EP?

Dylan Owen: At the start of quarantine I moved upstate and lived in a super small town, I had just broken up with a long term partner and felt like starting my life over. I started to go inside and figure out my journey. I wanted to share something that other people could relate to.

RT: Did you find it difficult to create?

Dylan Owen: It’s been a while since I released music. I needed inspiration again. And all the things that were happening around me and in the world… how could I not create?

RT: Why focus on mental health?

Dylan Owen: Mental health conversations are so important. The whole point of the film is to get people talking about mental health and to normalize mental health discussions.

RT: You worked with Emmy Award-winning director Brian Petchers on your short film, how did that come about?

Dylan Owen: Brian and I actually set out to do this piece together. We’ve been friends for a while. He heard the music from the EP even before there were vocals on the instrumentals.

RT: The film looks beautiful, very well thought out

Dylan Owen: We shot this on analog film and worked with cinematographer Dan Kennedy. We wanted people to feel represented, in spirit and in appearance. We shot the video in Washingtonville, New York

RT: Any favorite musicians? What inspires you right now?

Dylan Owen: The Wonder Years, I love their lyrics. Her genre is different, but I just love her writing style. Ceschi Ramos has really inspired me these days. He makes very interesting music, he’s so unique.

RT: Any particular goals you have for the film?

Dylan Owen: I just want more people to see it. My fans give me great support. I want a wider audience to be exposed to the film and the music and get people’s feedback.

RT: Where can we find How to find yourself the short film?

Dylan: It’s currently on Vimeo and on my YouTube channel.

RT: Are you planning private screenings?

Dylan: Yes, I look forward to doing that

RT: When will the album be released?

Dylan Owen: December 1

RT: What do you wish for your legacy?

Dylan Owen: I want my catalog to encourage and help people think about themselves and make them feel inspired.

RT: Dylan, it was my pleasure.

Dylan Owen: Thanks very much!

Check out Dylan Owen’s short film How to find yourself on Youtube Vimeo. Alongside his upcoming EP This is how you find yourself coming this december.

Roderick Thomas is a NYC-based writer, filmmaker,

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