Iowa Hawkeyes in the NBA: Keegan Murray Bounces Back

As Keegan enters his fourth week in the NBA, we catch some scary personal news from his family.

Keegan Murray

After the Kings’ 120-114 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, we learned some difficult news from the Murray family. Kenyon Murray tweeted this after the Lakers game where Keegan scored 2 points and wondered if Keegan was ok:

At the game??? Scary stuff and way more important than anything that will follow here. Hopefully Kenyon’s mother is doing well and recovering.

As for Keegan, he bounced back with what might have been his best game of the season, a 21-point effort in Sacramento’s 122-115 win over Golden State, ending a 7-game losing streak against the Warriors. Here is Keegan’s line:

Let’s look at a few highlights. Watch him come and start from this screen. Wow.

Here he and fellow Iowan Harrison Barnes run a 2-man break that ends in a Keegan dunk.

He was good enough for Draymond Green to say that. When he’s not beating his own teammates, Green is as smart as they come in the NBA, so that’s kudos. Turn up the volume as it’s a little hard to hear at first:

The Kings then played that sideways all the time Brooklyn Networks Tuesday night, a national televised game for the kings after they didn’t have one last year. Keegan started off well with a few buckets in the opening exchanges.

Keegan was clearly in the Nets scout as they stuck close to him on the perimeter and at one point Kevin Durant was on top of Keegan. Unfortunately, Keegan’s night came to an untimely end when he injured a back muscle in the second quarter that slipped off near half-court. The injury was not believed to be serious and sitting him was a precautionary measure. The ground at the Nets end of the court looked slippery more than once when two Kings players slipped in one spot just after Keegan left procedure (Demontas Sabonis and another player I forgot slipped within 2 seconds out after the other grabbed a rebound from a missed Nets jumper).

play corner: If there was one game that missed time due to a minor injury, it was when the Kings brought out the blowtorch for the Nets in a 153-121 abandonment of a game. 153 points! The game was a tie (around the time Keegan left), but the Kings ended the half on a 33-14 run and eventually scored 10 straight field goals. I knocked it out at 103-68 with 5 minutes in the third quarter. The Kings were so good in the first half that Charles Barkley announced that TNT should broadcast more Kings games at the Lakers’ expense. I nodded in agreement.

The win put the Kings above .500 for the first time this year, moving them to 7-6. The win also extended their winning streak to 4 games, the first time since the 2020-21 season. They won 4 times in a row that year… and then lost 9 times in a row. That seems unlikely with this team as they can do it directly cook offensive. They will roast a good number of teams this year. It’s way too early to tell, but the Kings are currently sitting in a play-in spot.

FYI – Johnny Davis resides in the G League now. We’ve been on the f-ing case for a while now.

Luke Garz

Luka Garza joined the Iowa Wolves from the The Minnesota Timberwolves after last week’s story was published. He’s been with the Big League Wolves for two games now, a 114-103 loss in Memphis and a 129-124 win in Cleveland. Unfortunately, Garza did not play in those games and was traded back to Des Moines due to his 2-way deal.


Sacramento continues its mini-home stand with San Antonio and Detroit before making a short trip east and playing Memphis on November 22, Atlanta on November 23 and Boston on November 25.

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