Investigate where interested teams with free agent shortstops stand

The top end of the shortstop market appears to be expanding now as the Yankees and Padres show interest, bringing the number of teams potentially in the market for one of four marquee free agent shortstops to 11.

It’s unknown how serious the Yankees are, and specifically if they have the budget to add both superstar Aaron Judge and a big shortstop (they definitely have the earnings) or if the talks are just a hedge if that is the case Unbearable happens and Judge leaves (to that end, the Yankees seem a little more confident lately).

Either way, the growing interest means the majority of teams are being left out. The most interesting position market this winter features four great players in their prime – Carlos Correa, Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts and Dansby Swanson – but demand far outstrips supply.

Turner is popular for his speed-power combination, but some insiders believe Correa, who is better defensively, has a greater postseason track record, is younger and lacks draft choice compensation, will actually get the bigger deal. Word is he’s shooting towards a record overall contract, at least early on – although last year after an even better season his highest offer was believed to be a $275 million 10-year bid from the Tigers.

Here’s a full list of the 11 interested teams…

Carlo Correa

Carlo Correa

Trea Turner

Trea Turner

Dansby Swanson

Dansby Swanson

Xander Bogaerts

Xander Bogaerts

1. Dodgers. They think Turner prefers going east (he’s from Florida) and while they love Correa, they seem to be a bit reluctant given he played on the tainted Astros team that beat LA in 2017. Bogaerts and Swanson are also possible for a top MLB donor, with homegrown Gavin Lux looking like the last option.

2. Brave. They offered Swanson about $100 million, and while he countered, one Braves person expressed pessimism, perhaps remembering how they lost Freddie Freeman. They like Correa but haven’t been big payers in the past. Homegrown Vaughn Grissom is popular, and while one scout says “he’s not going to be Dansby Swanson anytime soon,” infield guru Ron Washington’s recommendation that he can make it carries weight. Should Georgia product Swanson go and they stay indoors, Grissom would compete with solid vet Orlando Arcia.

3.Red Sox. Your own bogaerts are obviously the most logical option. But will they finally get up and spend money? They could even afford Correa or Turner and would have to do something to clean up the 2022 stain.

4. Gemini. They’ll try to extend their year-long Correa miracle and seem motivated. But if they can’t, they’d rather advance to the next level, which means they’re an Elvis Andrus type.

5.Phillies. Baseball President Dave Dombrowski has close ties to Bogaerts, and he seems the most likely. The fandom likes Turner for his leadoff skills, and Philly fits his reputed geographic preference (his wife is from New Jersey).

6. Boys. They act like they’re spending after sitting outside for a couple of winters. Nico Hoerner could slip to second place.

7. Cardinals. Their priorities seem to be catching and throwing, but they could bring Tommy Edman to second base.

8. Giants. Brandon Crawford has a year left on his contract, so they may have to convince every shortstop to finish runners-up for a season. You have the loot.

9. Yankees. They have said they will likely go with one of two rookies – Oswald Peraza or Anthony Volpe. But they’ve held talks with the top shortstops and could also play one of the second-place kids. You can certainly afford to do both judge and the shortstop.

10. Parents. No one believed they would sign Eric Hosmer, let alone Manny Machado. But here we are. For the Padres, winning comes first and that’s good for them. Fernando Tatis Jr. appears to have been called up for outfield. Ha-Seong Kim did a good job, but we learned never to count the Padres.

11. Sailors. They would have to oust JP Crawford for second place, which they were reluctant to do last season.

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