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Eversource wants to increase rates and has asked the state public utility regulator to approve an increase that the company said would add nearly 50 percent, or $85 a month, to the utility portion of the bill for an average customer could increase.

Eversource said that if approved, the increased rates would apply from January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023.

Eversource intends to increase the standard service rate for residential customers who receive their energy supply from Eversource from 12.1 cents per kilowatt hour to 24.2 cents per kWh, compared to 11.5 cents per kWh last winter, Eversource said.

The company said that an Eversource residential electricity customer who uses 700 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month, on average, could see an increase of about 48% over their current monthly bill — or $85 per month — on the utility portion of the bill.

Eversource said the reasons are energy costs, which continue to rise around the world, and regional electricity prices, which have hit an all-time high this year due to increased global demand for and high costs of natural gas, world events, extreme weather conditions and other issues.

Eversource invoices contain a delivery part and a delivery part.

In a statement, Gov. Ned Lamont said he would call the General Assembly into a special session to pass legislation focused on helping residents. This also means that the state energy subsidy programs are equipped with sufficient funds to ensure subsidies for electricity and heating oil costs.

“I’m disappointed that electric utilities are enjoying historic gains while power generation rates are rising and customers are experiencing economic hardship, and I call on UI and Eversource to come to the table with solutions that recognize their investors and leaders can and should support customers , as we work together on long-term solutions that free us from the volatility of global fossil fuel markets,” said Lamont.

Attorney General William Tong released a statement saying the increase was prohibitive for many families and businesses.

“This is a massive increase that will be prohibitive for many Connecticut families and businesses. We’re overpaying for our energy in Connecticut anyway, and these winter rates are downright a punishment. My office has intervened on behalf of consumers in every tariff case before the Utilities Regulator and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission because we know how much energy costs impact family budgets,” Tong said in a statement.

“We have pretty much no way to challenge those supply rates, which is frustrating. Our supply rates always fluctuate between winter and summer, but that’s not normal. We are seeing a huge global increase in gas costs due to the war in Ukraine and Russian manipulation of gas supplies: both as a country and as a state we need to take a close look at our energy sources and reduce our reliance on sources like natural gas, which these wild, unaffordable Generate price jumps,” Tong added.

“As Connecticut families grapple with rising living costs, these alarmingly high rate hikes are deeply troubling and need to be aggressively scrutinized by state authorities. All possible measures must be taken to reduce these increases and minimize their impact on consumers. Families in Connecticut just can’t pay for utilities anymore,” US Senator Richard Blumenthal said in a statement.

The Office of the Consumer Counsel said United Illuminating is also trying to increase its prices.

UI wants to increase prices from $0.1062 to $0.2249 per kilowatt-hour, which would affect the average United Illuminating consumer
Consume 700 kWh per month by increasing a monthly bill by approximately
$83.09, according to the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Payment plans and support for utility bills

If you need help paying your electric bill, both Eversource and UI offer an invoice
Ways to help:

  • Eversource: Call 1-800-286-2828 (Electric) or 800-438-2278 (Gas) or get help here online.
  • UI: Call 800-722-5584 or get help here online.

State and federal aid

Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)1 benefits are also still available. Basic heating allowances range from $410 to $1,015 depending on household income level

The CEAP is administered by the Department of Social Services
and local community action agencies statewide.

You can apply online at ct.gov/heatinghelp/applycontact her local CAA if you have any further questions or ask for help personally,
over the phone.

Operation Fuel Assist

Operation Fuel provides emergency energy and utility support to Connecticut households affected by a financial crisis. Call (860) 243-2345 or visit us https://operationfuel.org/gethelp/.

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